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Huldufolk by Anovius

In Iceland, Huldufólk are the hidden people: elves, trolls, gnomes, faeries, etc., who cannot be seen by humans unless they want to be. I’m not Icelandic, but I have always loved Iceland and their folklore, and I have been wanting to create this design for a long time. For this image, I incorporated two of their folktales with my own artistic spin (please forgive me if I butcher any of these tales in my short descriptions).


Jónsmessa (Midsummer’s Eve): If you sit at a crossroads where all roads lead to a church on this night, the elves will attempt to seduce you with food and gifts. If you break down and give into temptation at any time during the night, woe will fall upon you. You will belong to the elves forever, go insane, or experience bad luck. However, if you resist their offers until the sun rises (which isn’t until 11:00am), the elves will leave and reward you will all of the gifts they offered throughout the night.

In this image, I am clearly about to regret my decision to give in to their offers!


Reynisdrangar (The Trolls of Vik): These are basalt sea stacks in the ocean off the black sand beach near the town of Vík í Mýrdal. According to legend, the rocks were once two trolls. The trolls were standing in the water dragging a ship to shore, when they got caught in the sunlight at dawn and turned to stone, which is what happens to trolls if they stay out after dark. The trolls of Vik do not have the appearance of a person, like the one in my image.

My idea behind my troll was that he got his feet stuck in a geothermal pool and, as he attempted to hack his way out, the sunlight touched him and he turned to stone.


For the landscape, I combined 8 stock photos from Iceland to create a unique and magical crossroads scene. I also used a more traditional perspective on faeries and elves, though they do appear different in Icelandic lore.


Sorry for the long description and for not posting in a long time; I have been really busy with coursework. I hope you like it! Thank you for all the wonderful stock photos below!



Landscape Images



:iconlaurensstock: Cave Iceland


Lava hill with the cave:

:icondae-thalin: Old Lavafield Stock


Mountains, hot springs and forest on right:

:icondae-thalin: Vulcanic Landscape Stock


Foreground right:

:iconthe-doomed-one: Iceland Photos 141


Foreground left:

:iconleikyastock: Iceland 18


Mountains & hills on left:

:iconleikyastock: Iceland 1



:iconleikyastock: Iceland 34



:iconfrozt-stock: Iceland Landscape 9


Aurora Borealis:

Public domain image: Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights shine above Bear Lake in Alaska






Stone Troll (I'm sorry for turning you into a troll!):

:iconmjranum-stock: Barbarian Warrior J 5

Model: Josh P


Female elf in white:

:iconmjranum-stock: Drac Bride 14

Model: LTC


Fairy in peach:

:iconkime-stock: Pastel Sunset 7


Fairy in blue:

:iconmirish: Silver Girl 18 stock


Male elf squatting:

:icongoblinstock: Sitting in the forest 3


Male elf inside cave:

:iconjoyfulstock: Wandering Archer 1


Fairy wings:

:iconjinxmim: Blue Fairy Wings


Elf Ears for the three elves:

:iconemmytonks: Elf Ears PSD


Foolish human:

Me! (because I find it humorous to use myself)






:iconmjranum-stock: Pirate Supplies 4



:iconskymonestock: Mirror Pack


Wooden bowl:

:iconptooey-stock: Wooden Bowl


Blueberries inside bowl:

:iconcatalyst-stock: Stock 1



:iconpixelmeblu: Wine II



:iconinadesign-stock: Book 7 and Book 8


Closed chest:

:iconsacral-stock: Dark Chest 1


Open chest:

:iconhjoranna: Treasure Chest 3


Gold coins inside chest:

:iconnadija-stock: Nadija Stock 22 Coins

Floating City by Anovius
Floating City
My only idea going into this design was to make a floating city. I was nearly done and still didn't know what my final plan for it was, haha. I started with the palace roof as the base, and added what I imagined to be the fountain of youth and the tree of life. Normally I have a pretty solid visualization for what I'm going to to going in, but this was the first time I didn't. I had considered putting winged people in the image, but for this design I decided to leave out any models. A portal leading to the world of men, or perhaps another magical city, is across the bridge from the castle.

It was titled island at first, which kind of, sort of, definitely doesn't make any sense. Then it was hidden valley, but that sounds like ranch dressing. Finally, it was going to be cloud city, but that was too Star Wars. You didn't need to know any of that, but I found it humorous.

Thank you for all of the stock images, it is much appreciated!

Stone Castle:

:iconmango-stock: Boldt Castle Power House


Floating city, castle towers, and castle windows:

:iconevelivesey: Brighton Pavilion and Brighton Pavilion Mirror


Fountain Base:

:iconhrivalasse-stock: Brighton 3


Fountain drain:

:iconxerstock: Crazy Waterfall Stock


Water fountain:

:iconjinz-stock: Fountain


Water spouts below fountain:

:iconcelem: Desert Waterfall


Bridge railing:

:icontinalouiseuk: Balcony


Stone ground and bridge surface:

:iconwebtreatsetc: Stone Pavement Marble Textures


Flowers in front of castle:

:iconhermitcrabstock: Flowered garden png 02 and Flowered garden png 03


Grass lawn:

:iconrai-stock: Grass Stock


Arches with portal:

:iconevelivesey: Roman Arches


Portal entrance swirl:

:iconfune-stock: Apophysis Nebula5


Portal sparkles:

:iconmoosplauze: Snow Texture V



:icongd08: Tree 16 png , Tree 54 png , and Tree 56 png


Large tree:

:iconmargarita-morrigan: Tree


Flowers around large tree:

:iconmargarita-morrigan: Lilac flowers in a pot and White flowers in a pot


Tree sparkles:

:iconemilyemilybeth: Snow Texture


Floating islands:

:iconsalsolastock: Mountain Goat Cliff


:iconprints-of-stock: Ocean Stock 7 and Rocks 1


Lake and mountains:

:iconburtn: Mountainscape with Lake


Cloudy sky around sun:

:iconbean-stock: Blue Sky 2


Starry sky:

:iconresurgere: Package Cosmos 5

Stay with me by Anovius
Stay with me
There are quite a few photo manipulations centered around a surreal, cube-shaped ocean. I really like some of them and I have been wanting to create one of my own, but without copying the ones that have already been done. That said, this my twist on the idea. Rather than doing a 4-sided body of water, I chose to use the actual ocean.

I created a magical cross-section at the edge of the ocean where one can pass through the walls of water. Caution tape was placed along the wall to warn those who may accidentally enter the water. Here, we see a mercenary or security personnel pulling a man out of the ocean through one of these magical walls. The mermaid wants him to stay with her. They are holding onto one another in an attempt to be free from the guard's grasp. Meanwhile, a turtle is beginning to explore the world outside of the ocean.

I have never done anything with this many stock images in one place. It was frustrating at times with my slow computer and getting everything to blend together, but ultimately I had a great time making it and I'm really happy with how it turned out. As always, click download for full size. I hope you like it!

Thank you to the MANY people who provided stock photos below!


Man pulling rope:

:iconjademacalla: Frost BonVoyage 5


Redhead Mermaid:

:icontwilitesmuse: Climb


 Blonde Mermaid:

:iconintergalacticstock: Longing 9


Mermaid Tails:</b>

:icondeviantroze: Mermaid Tail 10 and Mermaid Tail 05


Jumping Dolphins:

:iconevelivesey: 2 Dolphins


Swimming Dolphin:

:icondella-stock: Dolphin Stock 2



:iconaswad-hajja: 31 Shells Stock


Turtle walking through barrier:

:iconponyfleute: Big Turtle


Swimming Turtle:

:iconwolverine041269: Green Sea Turtle 8



:iconwolverine041269: Seahorse 08 and Seahorse 04


Small school of fish:

:iconwolverine041269: Butterfly Fish 05


Large school of fish:

:icondella-stock: Sea World Yellow Fish


Pair of purple/red fish:

:icondarkadathea: Colours Fish



:iconybsilon-stock: Buoy


Ocean Surface & Sky:

:iconvenomxbaby: Caribbean Beach Stock 2


Underwater Texture:

:icondadrian: Underwater Texture 2


Cracked Stone Floor:

:iconkuschelirmel-stock: Cracked Earth Originals


Cruise Ship:

:iconmeihua-stock: Cruise Ship 1.2


Flying Birds:

:iconmomotte2stocks: Seven Flying Seagulls


Standing Seagull:

:iconthinkgimp: Seagull


Stanchion Posts:

:iconcamelfobia: Lantern Pole



:icondarkadathea: Purple Coral, Red Coral, and Yellow Coral


Sand (ocean bottom):

:iconphantompanther-stock: Sand Stock 0001



:iconscrappapertiger: Seaplane


Sea Tree:

:iconpricecw-stock: Seaweed 3 - oct


Rock under sea tree:

:iconcastock: Solidified Lava 2


Water splashes for fin & buoy:

:iconmoonglowlilly: Splash 6 and Water Splash 3



:iconfantasystock: USNA Bancroft Hall Canon



:iconspecialoftheweek: Vintage Ship Anchor


Bubble Brushes:

:iconfrostbo: Underwater Realistic Bubble PS

:iconmillertimemsu: Water Bubbles Brush

:iconmorganbw: Underwater Bubble Brushes


Caution Tape on right:

m01229 (Flickr): Yellow Caution Tape CC BY 2.0

Caution Tape on left:

Drawn by me


Human tug o’ war victim:

Me (because I find it humorous to use myself in my manipulations)


Fortune Teller by Anovius
Fortune Teller
It may not seem like it, but this design was one of the most in depth that I have done and it is my absolute favorite!

I originally had a completely different vision for this design. I was going to give the fortune teller cracked skin and clouded eyes, and have an overall dark feel. But when I did that, it didn't look right with the scene I created, so I scratched that idea in favor of a more subtle magical image with a surreal vibe.

Thank you for checking it out. I hope you all like it!

A big thank you for all of the fantastic stock photos!


The Fortune Teller:
:iconfluffybunny29stock: Face 3

Girl Inside Orb:
:iconsinned-angel-stock: Arise

Candle Flames:
:icontonne124: Candle
:iconrainbows-stock: Red Candle

:iconsandgroan: Candlestick 04
:iconwandering-mind-stock: Candlestick

Candlestick Holder:
:iconraduluchian: Vintage Candlestick

:iconpyonpyon: Old Book II

:icontwilitesmuse: Pedestal

:iconbeyond-oddities: Local Texture: Three by One

Crystal Ball texture:
:iconredwolf518stock: Strange Texture Stock

Back Wall:
:iconzummerfish: Stucco Texture 1268

Eye Shadow:
:iconninjarabbit-stock: Texture 103
The Seer by Anovius
The Seer

This was the first photo manipulation that I have done in a long time, and it feels good to be creative again. I utilized a tutorial to help create the crystal ball because the spheres I have made in the past were lackluster compared to this. I had originally spent a while setting a building on fire (in photoshop, I'm not an arsonist!) and planned on putting it in the crystal ball, but it seemed a little too dark that way.

You know, because it's so much more lighthearted to have fires rage around a person that he presumably created, rather than that person holding a ball with an image of a fire...

I made the flames green in order to give it more of an otherworldly feel. I hope you like it!


:iconmind-matter: Camp Fire 10
:iconfaestock: Fire9
:iconwroth: Package Blaze 8
:iconresurgere: Package Blaze 5

Center of Crystal Ball:
:iconfunerium: Package Cosmos 8

:iconcbidgie: Port Arthur 16

Seer: me

Sphere Tutorial:
Eren Gökse: How to create super glossy orb


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Anovius's Profile Picture
Barry M
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I am new to Photoshop, but I am thoroughly enjoying using it for photo editing and manipulations. I'm no professional, but I thought I'd start sharing some of the things I've worked on, rather than keeping them on the computer where they'll never be seen.

I hope you enjoy my work!

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